Blue Mountains Occasional Care Service

Building genuinely, warm and ongoing relationships with children and their families, whilst
providing quality education and care; based on The Early Years Learning framework, and
Circle of Security approach.

Blue Mountains Occasional Care Service has offered a licensed mobile Early Childhood
Service to the Blue Mountains community since 1995. As part of Mountains Outreach
Community Service (MOCS) it is well placed to provide families with; a quality Early
Childhood program, support in their parenting, links to other community services, and
resources that can strengthen family and community life. We offer a play based
educational program developed by qualified Early Childhood staff - including an Early
Childhood teacher, within the locations of Lawson, and Blackheath. At each of our
locations we are active in making our philosophy and program meaningful, intentionally
creating a sense of belonging, being and becoming for our children and their families.

We believe in developing strong ongoing relationships with children, families and the
community, and we encourage collaboration and participation in a way that is relevant
and comfortable. This partnership approach supports a holistic view of the child, as a
capable learner, learning best through play and social engagement. We aim to give
children a sense of themselves as people with rights and agency, with a sense of
responsibility for the rights of others.
We base our philosophy of building genuine, caring and supportive relationships, on the
research known as the Circle of Security, and staff actively work towards being the
‘secure base and safe haven’ for children which helps them feel able to go out and
explore. Staff actively make themselves ‘emotionally available’ to children at a time of
transition from home to educational setting, and we understand that positive transitions
from home to school are proven to enhance successful schooling outcomes.

We base our curriculum on the Australian Early Years Learning Framework for everything we
do as educators. It guides our work and inspires us to provide an enriching educational
experience to every child, inclusively.
Staff embrace an ethos of reflective practice and continually strive to improve and
enhance the quality of the service and its program. This is done by regular staff meetings,
ongoing discussions, research and professional development.

We aim to listen to children in multiple ways and provide opportunities to make their
learning visible to them and others. We aim to provide a rich learning environment that
inspires and supports children to think, to explore, to investigate and to research their
understandings of the world around them. An environment that offers real interest and
challenge but also provides secure feelings.

We treasure the Blue Mountains and its natural environment, set within a World Heritage
National Park, and aim to foster a sense of pride in our community and a sense of
importance for a sustainable future, by embedding this into our daily practices on all levels.

We respectfully acknowledge the Darug and Gundungurra people as the Traditional
Custodians of the land we live and work on. We feel it is important to weave the First
Nations culture into our daily practice and have developed connections with local Elders
and community members, through social opportunities, and planned visits.
MOCS is currently developing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander statement of support,
in consultation with community to reflect our commitment to Indigenous communities.

We also acknowledge that we are a diverse society, and value all cultures, religions,
beliefs, and preferences.

Reviewed June 2021