Session Fees

Term Bookings/ Casual

4 months- 36 months  $30/$35
36 months- 4 years  $28/$30
4 years- 5 years  $26/$28


All siblings (*A.F.CH.)  $20/$22
Aboriginal Children  $20/ $22

Enrollment Fee (p.a.) $20
Term Bookings are for regular users and are cheaper. Term bookings require 5 days notice to end the block booking (no cancellations). Public holidays are not charged but absences are. Make up days can be taken if absent at any other venue within the same term.
Casual Bookings are more flexible, book in as needed and only 12 hours notice is required for cancellations. Later cancellation fee is $5.

Parents pay at the end of a session and are provided with a 'Registered Care' receipt. Claim your rebate at Medicare office or online. Subsidy is via ‘Claim for Child Care Benefit Registered Care Form FA018′ at Claim within 12 months of receipt.

*A.F.CH. After first child.