MOCS Mobile Minders provides professional child care at low cost to enable parents and carers to attend community meetings, workshops, events, counselling or courses run by non-profit groups. MOCS Mobile Minders runs at a variety of locations throughout the Blue Mountains. If you are planning a community activity or occasional service that may require childcare, please contact us to discuss your child care options.

Who can use MOCS Mobile Minders?

MOCS Mobile Minders tries to accommodate all requests for child care but because demand is high this isn’t always possible. When we have more bookings than we can cater for we consider such things as:

  • The type of organisation requesting child care – community based groups with limited or no funding and without other child care access will be the first priority
  • The type of activity being run – activities that support families and strengthen communities will be prioritised
  • The needs of participants in the group – priority will be given where participants are socially and/or geographically isolated or are experiencing some other form of disadvantage
  • Our own timetables and rosters, and when the booking was received. More notice increases the chance that we can meet your care requirements.

Information about Fees & Cancellations can be found here.

Booking MOCS Mobile Minder Minders 

Please Click Here to complete the MOCS Mobile Minders Booking Form. This form constitutes a booking application only and is subject to confirmation. Applications will be assessed according to the MOCS Mobile Minders Priority Policy.

For more information please contact the MOCS Mobile Minders Facilitator Jane Marshall at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 02 4758 6833.