To book MOCS Mobile Minders for your group or event, please read the following information & conditions of use, and complete the Booking Application Form below. Please note that this form constitutes a booking application only, and is subject to confirmation.

Terms & Conditions of Use

  • MMM’s service is available to non-profit community organisations with limited access to childcare.
  • Parents or guardians of children to be cared for must be in the immediate vicinity of the childcare area at all times.
  • Suitable premises for childcare must be provided (see Venue Safety Self Assessment). These premises must be clean & set up ready for childcare.
  • The MMM Childcare Worker will arrive 20 minutes prior to the booked starting time and will accept children from 10 minutes prior to the starting time.
  • Sessions are to be finished promptly at the booked time unless prior agreement with MMM has been reached.
  • For child/carer ratios, please refer to our Booking Sheet for Service Use. If there are more children than are recommended, at the MMM worker’s discretion, organisers must provide a suitable assistant.
  • Children who are unwell, and/or infectious will not be admitted into childcare.
  • The MMM Childcare Worker must be made aware of any children who are attending the group who may have allergies.
  • All ongoing bookings are for one school term only

Users of MMM’s service must display the MMM name &/or logo on all relevant promotional material.

Bookings may be cancelled at any time without notice by MMM management or staff if any of these conditions are not adhered to.

When taking bookings for your group or meeting, you can print and make use of our Booking Sheet for Service Use which will help you calculate the

To book, please ensure you have read the terms & conditions of use above, and complete the Booking Application Form below.