Booksies cannot always be everywhere they are wanted and sometimes they need people to help so that children will not be disappointed. There are special costumes for these occasions.

If you’re interested in having Billy Booksie appear at your service or event, you can borrow one of two Booksie costumes from MOCS by filling out the booking form below.

Bookings are for the costume only and you will need to provide someone to wear the suit, and someone to be a Minder. If you’ve never worked with a Booksie before, there are some points you might need to consider before you book.

‘Being’ a Booksie:

  • Before appearing at an event, you need to make sure you can cope being in the costume. If you’ve never worn the suit before, get used to how it feels- how little you can see, how hot it gets, how it feels to move in the suit etc…
  • The Booksies don’t speak and can’t use their faces to express emotion, so you will need to be animated. Practice using your body to express emotions.
  • Wear light, cotton clothes under the suit, and ensure your hair is tied or pinned away from your eyes.
  • Have a plan with your Minder- know the stories/rhymes, have per-arranged signals (especially if you need to leave unexpectedly).

Being a Booksie Minder:

  • It is the Minder’s role to help the Booksies get about (their vision is quite limited) and to run the stories & rhymes that the Booksies enjoy so much!
  • The Booksies don’t speak, so the Minder is an important ‘interpreter’ between the Booksies and the children around them.
  • A Minder should be excited and animated. Booksie is the focus, but the Minder creates the experiences for the children.
  • A Minder should also ensure that Booksie is safe, helping to navigate stairs, children wanting hugs etc…
  • A Minder should ensure that children are safe, Booksies can’t see very well and it’s easy for them to bump into or tread on little people.

Follow the link for a Billy Booksie Guide. Reading over this guide before you work with the Booksies will help you to make the most of your time with these delightful creatures! If you have any questions, you can contact the Community Development Worker at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 4758 6811.

To book, please fill in the following form.