MOCS’ commitment to the early literacy of the little ones in our community happens largely through Paint the Blue REa- a program that promotes sharing stories, rhymes and songs with Blue Mountains babies, toddlers and children every single day.

Why is Early Literacy important?
Recent scientific research has confirmed what many people believed anyway… the first three years of a child’s life [and the months before birth] have an enormous impact on a child’s well-being, learning and behaviour. Brain growth at that time is incredible – 80% -90% of our brain growth and connections occur in these first few years, and we will never get such an opportunity to help our brains as in these early years.

Growing babies’ brains depend on the grown-ups in their lives for stimulation. It’s not hard! Just by taking the time to have fun with little ones… playing games, sharing stories, picture-books, songs, rhymes with babies and toddlers… gives those hungry brains just what they need to reach their potential.

What is Paint the Blue REaD?

So what exactly is Paint the Blue REaD? To see it in action you can visit our Facebook page.
Or have a look at Billy Booksie's 2018 Reading Week Diary. Click here if you would like a print version of the Diary.

Paint the Blue REaD (PTBR) is an early learning initiative of the Blue Mountains Stronger Families Alliance and is auspiced by Mountains Outreach Community Service (MOCS). PTBR began in 2008 as a collaborative working party of early childhood teachers, librarians, community workers, bookshop staff, Rotarians and community members. It was inspired by Rhonda Brain’s Community Early Literacy Program – Paint the Town REaD which began in Parkes NSW and is now inspiring communities across Australia.

Paint the Blue REaD organisers meet regularly to plan, promote and carry out activities throughout the Blue Mountains that encourage early learning.

The aim is to encourage all levels of the community to support Blue Mountains children’s early learning from birth and to make this lots of fun for everyone!

We have two blue and red mascots who are brother and sister, called Billy and Billie Booksie. The big, cuddly mascots makes guest appearances throughout the Blue Mountains wherever children are gathering for stories, rhymes, picture-books and songs – at Early Childhood Centres, Playgroups, local festivals and more.

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