MOCS History

Mountains Outreach Community Service (MOCS) began as a Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme (WSAAS) Grant to Springwood Neighbourhood Centre in August 1980 to set-up Treehouse Mobile Resource and Information Unit operating from a bus. Treehouse became autonomous in July 1981 and changed its name to Blue Mountains Mobile in 1986 and then to Mountains Outreach Community Services in 1992. The service has always had a mountain-wide focus on support and provision of services to families with children and on bringing people together to strengthen community connections and  resilience. MOCS is community managed and received funding from the NSW Department Family and Community Services, Department of Education, Katoomba RSL and Blue Mountains City Council.

Our projects work across the Blue Mountains in three main areas:

  • Reconciliation and support to the Aboriginal community
  • Work with children and families
  • Networks and partnerships


MOCS VISION is to build a healthy interactive community
  • Where vulnerable and disadvantaged community members are well supported and their resilience and quality of life is improved.
  •  Where individuals, families and communities participate in opportunities to build a sense of place, community connection and trust through shared experience, knowledge and strong respectful relationships.


  • We respect the knowledge, culture and custodianship of the Aboriginal communities of the Blue Mountains.
  • We value diversity, and advocate for social justice, equity and social inclusion.
  • We value strengths based community development practice, personal and community  empowerment and choice.


MOCS GOALS are to:
  1. Reduce the impact of social and economic disadvantage and reduce social isolation by building social inclusion.
  2. Enhance the resilience and connectedness of BM children, their families and communities.
  3. Be an agile and robust community organisation.


Networks & Collaboration

We are a core member of the Stronger Families Alliance and a member of Blue Mountains and Lithgow  Integrated Neighbourhood Network (BLINN) and are part of the Linker Network.

We work collaboratively with many different services, groups and individuals to achieve our goals.

We use a family work and a community development approach and have a PPP practitioner as part of our team.