School Holiday Fun!

Imagine something for families to do free or low cost every day of the school holidays in the Blue Mountains ...
the Blue Mountains Stronger Families Alliance is producing an online calendar with such information.

As a first step they need to know how families are accessing information now about school holiday activities, whether they are suitable, affordable etc. Please complete this short (2 mins) online survey www.bluemountainshaveyoursay.com.au/schoolholidayactivities



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MOCS’ VISION is to build a healthy interactive community:
  • Where vulnerable and disadvantaged children, families and community members are well supported and their resilience and quality of life is improved.
  • Where individuals, families and communities participate in opportunities to build a sense of place, community connection and trust through shared experience, knowledge and strong respectful relationships.

  • We respect the knowledge, culture and custodianship of the Aboriginal communities of the Blue Mountains and value the reconciliation process.
  • We value diversity and advocate for social justice, equity and social inclusion
  • We value strengths based community development practice, personal and community empowerment and choice.

Mountains Outreach Community Service is a community managed organisation which brings people together to strengthen community connections and resilience. We are funded through the Department of Family and Community Services and the Department of Education and Communities and provide a range of free or low cost activities and services for children, families, individuals and groups in a variety of locations across the Blue Mountains, including:

  • Childcare
  • Playgroups
  • Family and community activities
  • Workshops and courses
  • Access to information, resources, equipment and skills
Specific services MOCS provides:

MOCS has worked for over 30 years in the Blue Mountains community. MOCS began as a Western Sydney Area Assistance Scheme (WSAAS) Grant to Springwood Neighbourhood Centre in August 1980 to set up Treehouse Mobile Resource and Information Unit operating from a bus. Treehouse became autonomous in July 1981 and changed its name to Blue Mountains Mobile in 1986 and then to Mountains Outreach Community Service in 1992. The service has always had a mountains-wide focus on support and provision of services to families with young children and on bringing people together to strengthen community connections and resilience.

MOCS is a foundation member of the Stronger Families Alliance.

Please contact us with any questions.