First Nations Community Members, The Voice Referendum

Leading up to the 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum, Mountains Outreach Community Services (MOCS) conducted interviews reflecting a range of thoughts from Blue Mountains-based Aboriginal community members on the referendum, what informed their decision-making process and what advice they would give to voters.


2nd Oct, 2023



Aunty Carol Cooper, The Voice Referendum

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Uncle Colin Locke, The Voice Referendum

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David King, The Voice Referendum

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Chris Tobin, The Voice Referendum

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Flinn Donovan, The Voice Referendum

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Becky Chatfield, The Voice Referendum

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We thank each participant for sharing their opinions, and we acknowledge that these opinions may change in the time between the release of this article and voting day. 

The 2023 Australian Indigenous Voice referendum will be held on Saturday, October 14. Early voting in NSW has started. To find out more about the voting process please visit 

In the two weeks leading up to the Referendum date, MOCS will be releasing the full-length interviews via our Facebook page and  

The views reflected in this article are those of the individuals, MOCS as an organisation is remaining impartial and strives to encourage healthy and safe discourse and opinion sharing. 

MOCS would like to acknowledge the Dharug and Gundungurra communities and would like to pay respect to Elders of those communities and any other First nations communities across the continent.  

We would also like to acknowledge that we have the privilege of doing work on this Country because of the dispossession of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and the injustices ensued under colonial rule. We will always strive to work alongside First Nations communities and to support their self-determination.